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Mother May I

thUTCp28UTC02bUTCTue, 27 Feb 2007 13:49:37 +0000 16, 2006

Reese Witherspoon

I wonder if they are swapping cookie recipes or arranging a play date…

On Reese:

Total Cost: $230.49

On Jennifer:

Total Cost: $151.49


Reese’s Pieces

thUTCp30UTC09bUTCMon, 25 Sep 2006 17:22:18 +0000 16, 2006


Lucky for you, you can now grab Reese’s stained Prada bag available on Ebay.

Or just get her look minus the baby spit and ice cream dribble.

Get it here:

Total Cost: $142.49


Legally Bold…

thUTCp30UTC09bUTCThu, 14 Sep 2006 02:15:13 +0000 16, 2006


…well, if you consider animal print in daylight “bold”. 

I made an attempt at finding something similar to Selma Blair’s lace get-up, but settled with this simple V-neck jersey dress. I think it works- considering everything this season looks better with an obi belt.

Get their looks: 

On Reese

Total Cost: $59.98

On Selma

Total Cost: $31.80