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Strike A Pose

thUTCp31UTC03bUTCWed, 14 Mar 2007 00:54:41 +0000 16, 2006

Sarah Jessica Parker

This pose looks too deliberate to me…

Get her look here:

Total Cost: $129.49


Mother May I

thUTCp28UTC02bUTCTue, 27 Feb 2007 13:49:37 +0000 16, 2006

Reese Witherspoon

I wonder if they are swapping cookie recipes or arranging a play date…

On Reese:

Total Cost: $230.49

On Jennifer:

Total Cost: $151.49


Shear Madness

thUTCp28UTC02bUTCMon, 19 Feb 2007 14:43:11 +0000 16, 2006

Bald Britney

I NEVER thought I would say this but…I wish K-Fed would come back and save GI Jane.

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Chestica Simpson

ndUTCp31UTC01bUTCMon, 22 Jan 2007 12:02:34 +0000 16, 2006

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson recently admitted to loving her breasts…or as she calls them, “a great necklace.”

I wonder what that makes her ass…a sporty fanny pack???

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Taradise II

stUTCp31UTC12bUTCThu, 21 Dec 2006 19:05:30 +0000 16, 2006

Tara Conner

Tara Conner, or as I like to call her McDrunky, enjoying her continuing reign as Miss USA. Personally, I think she and Tara Reid should spearhead a campaign to bring back and star in Taradise Part Duex.

Get her look here:

Total Cost: $115.79


Cha Cha Cha…Charmin

thUTCp30UTC11bUTCThu, 30 Nov 2006 14:24:58 +0000 16, 2006

Britney Spears

After 3 days of exposing her lower half, Britney decided to show us something else…her toilet paper supply.  Lovely….

Get her look here:

Total Cost: $101.49


Forget Paris

thUTCp30UTC11bUTCTue, 28 Nov 2006 13:45:18 +0000 16, 2006

Nicole Richie

Nicole looks sad. I wonder if she feels left behind from Paris. I mean clearly Britney and Paris’s one-legged fishnet tight ensemble denotes BFF forever-now.

Get her look here:

Total Cost: $202.99