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Strike A Pose

thUTCp31UTC03bUTCWed, 14 Mar 2007 00:54:41 +0000 16, 2006

Sarah Jessica Parker

This pose looks too deliberate to me…

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Always Lost

thUTCp28UTC02bUTCThu, 08 Feb 2007 12:53:35 +0000 16, 2006

Evangeline Lily

Evangeline Lilly recently confessed she is “part gypsy.”

Well, there you have it…need I say more about her attire?

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Taradise II

stUTCp31UTC12bUTCThu, 21 Dec 2006 19:05:30 +0000 16, 2006

Tara Conner

Tara Conner, or as I like to call her McDrunky, enjoying her continuing reign as Miss USA. Personally, I think she and Tara Reid should spearhead a campaign to bring back and star in Taradise Part Duex.

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Big Love

thUTCp30UTC11bUTCWed, 15 Nov 2006 16:23:05 +0000 16, 2006


It’s a little eerie to me how much she looks like Katie Holmes…

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stUTCp30UTC11bUTCWed, 01 Nov 2006 12:30:07 +0000 16, 2006


I could write a brief update on Madonna but I think it’s safe to say her press campaign has penetrated every form of available media.

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Top-less Gun

thUTCp31UTC10bUTCSat, 28 Oct 2006 20:05:57 +0000 16, 2006


The press is so low on Chestica gossip that the latest scoop to hit the news circuits is “Jessica Simpson uses the internet to flirt.” 

If by internet, they mean extremely low cut tops…then I would actually find this claim to be quite credible (but by no means breaking).

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