Marlboro Whoa-Man

thUTCp31UTC10bUTCWed, 25 Oct 2006 13:38:14 +0000 16, 2006


Nothing screams “I’m a lady!” quite like a ripe pack of Marlboro Reds.

Get girly here:

Total Cost: $106.49



  1. what better way to keep up with anorexia than chain smoking?

    love the sweater

  2. whoa she looks like sienna!

  3. p.s. thanks for the gojane link! great shoes on the site, adding to the blogroll. 😉

  4. They aren’t Marlboro reds, but Marlboro ‘Mediums’ or Marlboro ‘Red & Gold’ in the EU. You can tell because the red ‘roof’ doesn’t cover the whole packet but is inset like on Marlboro lights.

    But yes, still, very ladylike.. 🙂

  5. what better way to hide her anorexia than to cover it all up with that sweater. >_>

  6. Is it wrong to want Mylie Cyrus in pantyhose?

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